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[ December 6, 2013   //   ]

No, there hasn’t been a major disaster at a distribution centre – Potter Logistics lent their Queen Adelaide Way site in Ely to Cambridgeshire firefighters for an exercise on 2 December.

About 25 firefighters in total took part in the evening exercise; the scenario created was a fire in a warehouse with people reported to be trapped inside. The firefighters practised skills including the wearing of breathing apparatus, securing water supplies, tactical plans, incident command and radio messaging.

Mark Coupar, acting watch commander at Ely, said: “The atmosphere of a real incident was created using cosmetic smoke and although there were no real flames firefighters still benefited hugely from being able to use a site unfamiliar to their training habits.

“We really appreciate local businesses like Potter Logistics allowing us to use their facilities as it adds a greater training challenge for the firefighters who continually strive to expand their knowledge and develop their skill sets.

“The exercise went extremely well and we would like to thank Potter Logistics for having us.”

And Potter’s operations manager, Natalie Wilkinson, added: “This was a valuable lesson for us, it means we are now aware of what the Fire Service require from us when they come on site if something an incident like this was to occur in the future.”