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‘Firms slow to take up Apprenticeship Levy’ says logistics trainer

[ June 19, 2017   //   ]

Companies are being slow to take advantage of the new Apprenticeship Levy that came into effect in April, suggests Bis Henderson Academy. It warns that many could miss out on the opportunities to improve the skills of their employees.

David Lynch, managing director of Bis Henderson Academy says: “Of those companies affected, we are seeing a third who have tangible plans to utilise their levy funds, a third who are thinking about it and another third who are not active at all on the issue.”

Under the scheme, a tax raised at 0.5% of the total payroll bill will be returned to the employer through an online account, along with an uplift of 10% from the government. The employer can spend the money, but only on the delivery of apprenticeship-based training offered through an approved training provider. Funds have to be used within 24 months, after which they expire.