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First class flights for four-legged passengers

[ August 3, 2020   //   ]

Two-legged air passengers may be in short supply at the moment but Volga-Dnepr Group’s AirBridgeCargo Airlines has been busy with four-legged ones, safely delivering 54 cats and 25 dogs from Moscow to their new US homes, via Chicago.

A total of 35 boxes of Maine Coon, Siberian, Ragdoll, Bambino, Sphynx, Devon Rex, Bengali, British shorthair, and other cats together with 21 boxes of Chow-Chow, American cocker spaniel, French bulldogs, Tibetan, Caucasian shepherd, and other dogs became ABC’s passengers on the long-haul Boeing 747 freighter flights, organized in cooperation with Russian cattery Hakuna Matata.

All the animals received the best of care during the flight and at the handling agent’s premises with enough food and water, with steps taken to ensure that the whole experience was as stress-free as possible.

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