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First-class pods for pooches

[ January 22, 2020   //   ]

Delta Cargo has introduced a new CarePod carrier for its four-legged passengers that it says will offer a best-in-class travel experience for pets.

It follows five years of research, development and testing, as well as a successful two-month trial, CarePod will be exclusively offered at eight US locations before a phased approach to roll out the CarePod pet travel carrier across Delta’s US network. Delta intends to investigate the possibility of global expansion in the future.

The CarePod has stronger, industrial strength walls insulated to protect against potentia temperature fluctuations , multi-layered windows and doors with specially angled blinds to help create a calming environment, the world’s first built-in hydration system for pet travel carriers, holding up to a liter of water that will auto replenish the spill-proof water bowl and powerful GPS tracking and monitoring that connects to the 24-hour Delta Cargo Control Center.