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Five Haropa sites included in development scheme

[ May 21, 2024   //   ]

Haropa Port, which operates Le Havre and Rouen, says that five sites totalling nearly 250 hectares on its estate have been included in the French government’s France 2030 Turnkey Sites scheme. The plan, announced in May 2023 aims to speed up France’s reindustrialisation. An initial national shortlist identified a total of 55 sites that offer major potential for development

The scheme offers shorter lead-times for official procedures and on-site set-up and to deliver construction-ready plots for new industrial activities over the period to 2030.

The five sites include the West A29 site in Rogerville, next to the Le Havre Grand Canal, the nearby Southeast Grand Canal site located near the MTV multibulk terminal), another in the southern part of the Le Havre port area and an industrial platform south of Rouen.