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Forward Solutions looks to a user friendly 2022

[ December 20, 2021   //   ]

Forward Solutions – the Freight Software Group – says its new user interface will be rolled out in early 2022, and will make its software more intuitive and easier to use. Managing director Richard Litchfield said the transport tech company has spent the year refining its products and becoming much more customer focused, leading to an increase in turnover in excess of 25%.

He said: “This expansion is a result of on-going investment in the business, demonstrating to our customer and the market we are at the forefront of new technology.  Assisting the sector with innovation continues to be essential for growth, where the most successful operators are those which embrace investment in new technology adoption. Forwarders that offer online solutions of transportation management are leading the way, and utilising the latest technology to improve their customer experience.”

He added:  “January is going to be very significant for us, the new UI is our largest single investment in reshaping our front-end and is the first of many developments we’re making to ensure our customers have best-in-class technology, to help them improve efficiencies and deliver the best solutions to meet their continually evolving needs.”

However, 2022 is expected to bringchallenges, such as continued Brexit changes, replacement of HMRC’s Chief computer with CDS, and the growing appetite for greater sustainability in transport and logistics.