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Forwarder acquires management consultancy

[ September 14, 2012   //   ]

Uniserve, the UK’s largest privately owned international freight and logistics company, has acquired finance and management consultancy business, Portall Solutions. The company promised to “redefine supply chain management services and to raise current standards of industry capability” with its new Global Trade Management (GTM) concept.

Uniserve says the Portall product will go beyond traditional freight forwarding competencies, and give a degree of flexibility designed to tackle today’s economic conditions and to exploit opportunities; existing supply chain solutions only reflect past conditions, it says.

Uniserve MD Iain Liddell said world class supply chains operated by blue chip companies had to be constantly updated to remain so. “Uniserve strives to up-date supply chain management structures by asking these crucial questions: is an existing supply chain designed for current trading conditions and for those of the foreseeable future; given limited growth in UK and EU markets, how can supply chain design facilitate those growth opportunities that do exist; how can opportunities to increase efficiency, not previously identified, be unlocked and what can be done to identify changing trends in rates and other performance metrics?”

Liddell concluded:that Uniserve was adding to its knowledge bank and expertise: “Only companies like ours, with a strong balance sheet and a clear vision for the future, will be able to grow during this current down-turn.  We are confident that Uniserve will attain such growth through extended margins and a good return on this current investment.”

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