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Forwarder Neon’s good deed shines bright in Nepal

[ February 10, 2016   //   ]

Cheshire forwarder Neon Freight moved a pallet-load of woolly hats to Nepal for free after local fire cadets were overwhelmed by the public’s generosity.

The cadets sent out an appeal for woolly hats for the children of earthquake hit country and intended to take them with them in their personal baggage when they visited the country last November to help finish off a school-building project. But Cheshire’s army of Mother’s Union and Women’s Institute knitters went into overdrive and the cadets were left with hundreds of donated hats – and wrist-warmers – many of which they had to leave behind.

Head of prevention at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Nick Evans, said: “We boxed them up but hadn’t a clue how we were going to get them to Nepal.”

When Holmes Chapel-based Neon Freight managing director Ian Mallon heard about the dilemma he offered to transport the cargo free to Nepal for the cadets. He said: “We were delighted to assist in such a worthy cause. By chance a good friend of mine overheard someone at the fire station wondering how to get a whole pallet of woollen goods to Nepal. It’s nice to be able to help and put in the final part of this puzzle.”

A fuel shortage in Nepal delayed delivery but the woollies are now on their way.

Nick Evans added: “We were overwhelmed by the many kind knitters there were that gave their time to knit hats for the children of Nepal. I would like to thank Ian at Neon Freight for his help in distributing the hats for us, it’s very much appreciated. Without this assistance we would have struggled to get the hats to the children in time for when they needed them most.”