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Forwarder signs deal to make veg intelligent

[ November 24, 2020   //   ]

Forwarding and logistics company CH Robinson has signed a partnership with Microsoft Corporation to address logistics challenges for fresh produce in the UK.

It will bring together CH Robinson’s Navisphere platform, which supports some 119,000 customers globally including UK-based fresh produce suppliers, and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to increase efficiency and real-time visibility by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence to support predictive analytics, device monitoring data security and increased speed. It will enable producers to monitor factors such as temperature, shock, tilt, humidity light and pressure.

CH Robinson director of information technology David Fraas, said: “The coming together of our technologies will tackle head on the issues facing fresh produce supply chains including product traceability, end-to-end collaboration and improved supply chain responsiveness. Increasingly, longer and more complicated supply chains present significant challenges for the UK fresh produce sector.

 “Together we are aiming to deliver new levels of visibility and resilience to fresh produce supply chains across the UK, which have become even more critical in the wake of coronavirus with the exponential growth in demand for foodstuffs.”