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French buy is SEKO’s biggest to date

[ October 4, 2021   //   ]

SEKO Logistics has completed its largest acquisition to-date with an investment in Paris-headquartered transportation and logistics group Bansard International. It said it would merge the complementary geographic footprints and service offerings of the two companies.

SEKO president and chief executive, James Gagne (pictured below) , said: “This is SEKO’s largest strategic investment since selecting Ridgemont as its new investment partner in December 2020 and represents ‘a clear statement of intent’ of the company’s growth ambition.

Family-owned Bansard, formed in 1963, has 54 offices in 17 countries and about 600 employees, achieving sales of more than €210 million in 2020 and serving a customers in retail/fashion, electronics, industrial, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries, among others. It provides complete door-to-door logistics management services, covering consultancy, freight forwarding, warehousing, de/consolidation, transportation management, quality control, and customs clearance.

President Simon Pinto will continue to lead Bansard, a formerly family-held company.  He remains personally invested in the combined business and will continue to build the company’s product and service portfolio for Bansard’s more than 5,000 longstanding clients.