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French ports to merge

[ May 27, 2021   //   ]

The three ports currently operating under the Haropa banner – – Le Havre, Rouen and Paris – are to formally merge on 1 June. Haropa chief executive Stéphane Raison said that while the Haropa ports had had “an association” since 2012, this was “simply a first step in  a merger”, adding: “We are now at the end of that process. We will have one governance, one board and a unified budget.”

Her said that the merger could bring the ports closer to important customers, including those in the automotive trade.

Haropa plans to signifcantly increase its vehicle handling capacity in stages over the next few years and increase its land area dedicated to trade vehicles from 100 hectares currently to 150ha. It would also cater to new automotive traffics including electric cars, which would mean installing recharging points.

Haropa also has ambitions to increase land transportation by rail and waterway. The three ports are linked by the river Seine, which gives direct access to the centres of Rouen and Paris.