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From Norway to Trafalgar Square Via Immingham

[ December 3, 2012   //   ]

On Saturday (1 December) the world’s most famous Christmas Tree left DFDS Seaways at Immingham Dock to make the last leg of its 700 mile journey from Norway to London ready to take its place in Trafalgar Square.

The Trafalgar Square tree was felled during a ceremony before the Mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang and the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Angela Harvey on Friday 23 November. It was shipped to Immingham from Norway by DFDS Seaways for the final leg of its journey from Immingham on Saturday (1 December). Once at Trafalgar Square it is decorated in traditional Norwegian style, with vertical strings of energy-efficient lights ready for the switching-on ceremony at 6.30pm on Thursday 6 December. “The Tree” is one of the largest that has been sent at 21 metres tall.

Sean Potter, Managing Director of DFDS Seaways PLC said, “For many people around the world, the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree symbolises the start of the Christmas season. We are honoured to transport the world’s most famous Christmas Tree through Immingham. This year we are experiencing strong winds and our DFDS Seaways vessel and stevedors from Norway are doing a first class job shipping the tree safely and securely from Norway to Immingham. Our Immingham team is ready to ensure The Tree continues safely on its journey ready for the big switch-on in London.”

This year’s Tree, which is between 115 and 120 years old and measures 21 metres tall, is the sixty-sixth to be sent to the capital as part of a tradition which started in 1946 to thank Britain for its support during the Second World War.

Children from Immingham’s Allerton Primary School have been taking part in a project with The Poetry Society based on the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree and a box of the children’s poems will accompany The Tree it on its journey to London.

Judith Palmer, Director of the Poetry Society said, “During the lighting-up ceremony the poems will be read to the crowds in Trafalgar Square, with the poems also displayed on banners around the tree. Through the project, local children are finding out the role DFDS and stevedors from the Immingham community are play in shipping the tree from Norway to London, whilst building goodwill between the people of Norway and Britain through their learning experiences.”

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