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From the basement to 10,000 flights a year

[ September 22, 2015   //   ]

Air Charter Service is celebrating 25 years since chairman Chris Leach and his wife Tina founded the company in the basement of their family home in south west London.
Chris Leach, who worked as a cargo aircraft loadmaster as well as for freight forwarder Savino Del Bene, started the business to pay the mortgage. Times were tough at first, so the Leaches rented a room in their house to a student who, coincidentally, was an aviation enthusiast and who spent hours at a time memorising the registration of every aircraft in the world. That student was Justin Bowman, now group chief executive.
The company is now investing £10 million in new charter technology and last year arranged over 9,000 charter contracts from its 18 offices, with a target this year of more than 10,000.