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From wheels to water

[ February 8, 2022   //   ]

Staff at ABP’s port of Southampton has chosen Wetwheels as its charity of the year for 2022.

Wetwheels provides boating opportunities for people with disabilities. It focuses on shared experiences with friends and family and gives all participants the chance to drive a boat and learn basic seamanship in a safe and fun way. Its boats in Southampton and Portsmouth provide around 3,000 opportunities annually for people to enjoy the water.

Chairman of the Wetwheels Foundation, Andy Fell, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen as ABP’s Charity of the Year. It is wonderful recognition for the work we do locally and will help not only raise much-needed funds but also shine a light on our work with disabled people of all ages across the region by providing barrier-free boating experiences in our rich and diverse coastal waters. We look forward to a year of fun and excitement on the water and working with ABP and their employees.”

Regional Director of ABP Southampton, Alastair Welch, added: “Charity of the Year is an important and special initiative to us because we get to contribute to causes that matter to our people, who often have a personal experience of that charity. That is the case with Wetwheels, which serves such a great purpose by giving people with disabilities the opportunity to experience something they might not otherwise.”