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FTA calls for clarity on Irish border

[ July 30, 2019   //   ]

The Freight Transport Association stressed the need for clarity over how goods and services will be moved after the UK’s departure from the EU at a meeting with Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Julian Smith at Stormont on 30 July.

Seamus Leheny, FTA’s policy manager for Northern Ireland, pointed out that 70% of freight crossing the Northern Ireland border is classed as intermediate – ingredients, components and the like.  As such it may require additional journeys in order to render finished products for sale, and it is vital that, at this late stage in the Brexit process, logistics businesses are provided with answers on how these vehicle movements are to be organised, the duties payable and collection methods to be used.  Mr Smith listened closely to the concerns of industry, and has promised to provide the answers industry needs in a timely fashion.

Afterwards, Leheny said: “A No Deal Brexit would pose problems for our sector, as well as for others involved in today’s meeting, and we were all encouraged by Mr Smith’s willingness to engage with and understand our concerns.  It is critical to the future success of Northern Ireland’s supply chain that FTA is involved in meetings like this, and we will be maintaining our dialogue with Mr Smith and his team to ensure that the country’s logistics industry is protected as far as possible as the UK leaves the EU.”