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FTA Ireland calls for dynamic and achievable road transport strategy

[ August 2, 2022   //   ]

The Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTAI) has welcomed publication of a public consultation summary report for Ireland’s 10-Year Road Haulage Strategy but pressed the Irish government to create a final plan in partnership with industry that would dynamic and ambitious, yet achievable.

FTAI chief executive Aidan Flynn, commented: “The publication of the report is an encouraging step forward in creating a road haulage strategy which delivers for all sectors of Ireland’s economy. As evidenced by the high number of consultation responses – many of which came from FTAI members – industry is keen to ensure the plan is effective, yet deliverable.

“It is important that government continues to consult with industry to achieve measurable targets which benefit all those involved. And, while it is encouraging that the strategy will provide industry with a long-term perspective, logistics is a fast-paced industry which is constantly changing – it is imperative that the final strategy is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it is fit for purpose.”  

FTAI is urging government to ensure that the road haulage sector – and those in the wider freight distribution and logistics industry – has access to a dynamic strategy and roadmap to accommodate environmental, competitive and global supply chain challenges which are currently pressuring the industry.