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FTA Ireland urges action over Calais

[ July 22, 2015   //   ]

The Freight Transport Association of Ireland has written to foreign affairs and trade minister Charles Flanagan urging him to ensure action is taken so that Irish citizens can use Calais and other French ports without delays or threats to their personal safety.
Striking ferry workers have caused closures and delays at the port throughout the past few weeks and ongoing issues with migrants trying to board trucks have meant hours of queues for Irish hauliers travelling to and from Europe.
Neil McDonnell, General Manager of FTA Ireland, said: “I have written to Mr Flanagan because it seems there is a lack of political will and determination to resolve this issue.  Dover-Calais is the shortest route to northern continental Europe for most of our members and it is unacceptable that they are having to use other options to avoid the delays and safety risks.
Mr McDonnell added that Operation Stack on the UK side of the Channel exacerbated the problem for hauliers, creating more delays and additional expense.  At its peak some drivers spent more than 24 hours queuing on the M20 to cross to France.