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Fun on the docks

[ July 21, 2015   //   ]

A classroom of Year 5 schoolkids recently got a chance to see the food supply chain from start to finish, courtesy of Associated British Ports Grimsby. The port operator hosted a visit by 17 pupils from the town’s Strand Primary Academy to help them learn about where their food comes from and how it starts on the farm and ends up on our fork.

As well as a VIP tour of the ports of Grimsby and Immingham, the journey of discovery included Grimsby Fish Market, including watching a haddock being filleted and a close encounter with a lobster.

In the afternoon, the children toured the Port of Immingham where they visited Immingham Container Terminal, learning about which products are brought into the dock in containers and then went on to the Immingham Bulk Park, to learn about fertiliser, cane sugar and animal feed.

ABP purchasing assistant and Humber and Strand Primary governor, Richard Claridge, organised the visit. He said: “The trip really seems to have sparked the imagination of the whole group and many of the children said that they wanted to work on the docks when they grew up.”

Pupil Zara, 10 said: “When we set off this morning, I thought Grimsby dock was a bit boring but now that I’ve been, I thought it was so much fun.”