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GAC keeps yacht race afloat

[ June 5, 2015   //   ]

Specialist yacht forwarder GAC Pindar sprang into action when one of the seven boats involved in the Volvo Ocean Race, the Vestas Wind ran aground on a shallow reef in the Indian Ocean in November last year. GAC Pindar, the official logistics supplier for the event, helped the team recover, rebuild and transport the boat to Lisbon in time for the in-port stage of the race on 6 June.
Initially the forwarder redirected the Team Vestas workshop containers that follow the team around the world to Genoa, followed by organising the transport and customs clearance of salvaged boat materials from the reef to Genoa, to aid in the repair procedure.
Once the stricken boat arrived in Genoa, GAC Pindar technical manager Ollie Smith was present on the ground to oversee customs clearance for the vessel and organise transfer onto the Persico Marine boatyard in Bergamo, Italy where the boat was re-built.
GAC Pindar also organised the shipment of a new mast from New Zealand to Lisbon.
GAC Pindar operations manager Beth King commented: “We were absolutely delighted that our efforts played a role in getting Team Vestas Wind back into the race. It was so awful when the news came in that they had run aground – so it’s truly amazing to see them back on the water again after just six months. It really is testament to everyone involved in the recovery and re-building process and I’m proud of the GAC Pindar team for being part of that.”
By the end of the race, GAC Pindar employees will have worked over 21,000 man hours to provide a seamless support package that has included the logistics and customs clearance of the race villages and gear for the crews. 
(Picture credit: Amalia Infante)