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Geodis makes first move into UK contract logistics

[ November 16, 2021   //   ]

Geodis says it plans to double its contract logistics footprint in the UK following opening of a total of 110,000sq m new warehousing at two sites in October – 40,000sq in Doncaster and 70,000sq m at Lutterworth in the East Midlands.

With surging demand for e-commerce boom in the UK, Geodis said it plans to become a top 15 operator in the contract logistics market within the next five years.

Chief operating officer for Western Europe, Middle East and Africa Stéphanie Hervé explained: “Retailers are beefing up their ability to supply the burgeoning e-commerce sector via a nationally based distribution network. Our response is to help our established customers grow and to attract additional business with our skills and experience augmented by our innovative and specially designed IT/automated solutions for the online retail sector.”

Both Doncaster and Lutterworth are in areas of concentrated logistics and warehousing activity. Human resources director in the UK, Alketa Idrizi, added:  “Geodis has an enviable track record in caring for and training its staff. Our image of a socially aware and inclusive employer, with a reputation for diversity in our human resource policies is well-founded and leads to a high level of staff retention.  We are confident that these commitments to staff welfare will encourage a high calibre of applicant to join our new operations.”