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Get to grips with the e-commerce revolution

[ May 27, 2021   //   ]

SEKO Logistics, eCommerce solution provider, Shopify Plus, and integration platform, Patchworks have joined forces in a new ‘Go Global’ webinar to help retailers merchants learn about the mass exodus to online shopping triggered by Covid-19 and gain a share of the $4.2 trillion Global ecommerce market.

As Global lockdowns forced traditional ‘brick and mortar’ retailers to shut up shop, the last 12 months have seen an acceleration of the already-strong year-over-year growth in ecommerce. Worldwide ecommerce retail grew 27.6% in 2020 and is forecasted to see a further 14.3% growth, or an additional $611 billion, of new transactions in 2021, according to research by eMarketer. International ecommerce sales are now on track to reach $6 trillion in 2024, it says.

Over 100 companies in the UK, Europe, the United States and Australia registered for today’s first ‘Go Global’ webinar to hear experts from SEKO Logistics, Shopify Plus and Patchworks give their interpretations of changing consumer behaviors, the available opportunities, and advice on how to enter and scale in new markets.

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