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GMB calls for DP World to intervene in P&O Ferries dispute

[ March 21, 2022   //   ]

The GMB Union has called on P&O Ferries parent company, DP World, to “step in now and tackle the failed management at P&O Ferries or be stripped of valuable Freeport licences.” 

GMB has demanded a meeting with P&O Ferries bosses over the future of onshore workers after the “shameful” sacking of hundreds of seafarers. 

GMB Organiser, Frank Macklin, said: “Management at P&O Ferries, under the leadership of CEO Mr Peter Heblethwaite, should hang their heads in shame. Mr Heblethwaite didn’t have the decency to tell seafarers, some of whom have given their lives to this company, that they were sacked. He bottled it, passing the buck to one of the company’s newest employees. 

“P&O Ferries are struggling because year after year the board has made one disastrous management decision after another. Incredibly, senior managers are still in their jobs while decent seafarers get sacked. 

“Parent company DP World must step in now and tackle the failed management of P&O Ferries – or they must be stripped of the licence to operate UK Freeports.”

He said that GMB is now demanding a meeting with management to guarantee the future of its onshore members.