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Grangemouth goes for growth

[ June 12, 2015   //   ]

A major investment programme to increase container storage capacity is under way at the Port of Grangemouth, Scotland’s largest container port.
The port’s owner, Forth Ports, is upgrading 6,325sq m of surface area, which will boost terminal capacity to 12,000teu – a 50% increase since 2005 – and improve landside and shipside efficiency.
A heavy duty concrete pavement and other works will create additional storage lanes for laden containers and improved equipment access. This work is expected to be completed in October.
The work is the second phase of a five year investment plan to improve the storage capabilities of the terminal. It is expected that the capacity will grow by a further 10% over the period in line with market demand.
The port has also commissioned a feasibility study on deepening the shipping channel from 7.5 metres to over 10 metres for bigger container ships or bulk vessels to the quayside. It would be a multimillion pound capital investment and would take around three years to complete. Some container ship sizes have increased in size from around 3-500teu ten years ago to around 1,700teu today.
Forth Ports group chief executive, Charles Hammond, said: “We have analysed the shipping trends and identified the growing demand to accommodate larger vessels from around the world. Through this investment, we will ensure that the Port of Grangemouth remains front and centre for Scotland’s importers and exporters.”

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