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Grim outlook in Yantian

[ June 17, 2021   //   ]

The situation at China’s port of Yantian, where operations have been hit by a Covid outbreak, “is not looking particularly good” reports supply chain visibility specialist, Project44.

Between 1 and 15 June, 298 container vessels with a combined total capacity of over 3m teu skipped the port, a 300% increase in blank sailings in one month. 

Dwell times for export containers from Yantian meanwhile doubled to 23 days on 15 June. Dwell times on import containers into Yantian are lower, at 6 days, but this is because carriers are avoiding the port, suggests Project44.

Scheduled blank sailings announced by major carriers remains at a high level mto 24 June 24, before falling off somewhat —assuming Chinese authorities are able to contain the virus, and allow ocean-freight carriers to return to normal operations. Even in this best-case scenario, it could take weeks to process backlogged containers, and shippers should expect serious delays. 

If the Chinese authorities extend their strict containment measures, high blank sailing rates could extend into July, snarling supply chains well into the summer. 

Project44 reports that container lines such as Maersk have sent out client advisories that port capacity remains at less than half, with 19 of Maersk’s mainline services impacted, and that blank sailings were on track to get worse.