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Hauliers mull move to EU as Brexit bites

[ July 20, 2021   //   ]

Some 56% of UK hauliers have moved some operations to the EU, or would consider it in the future in the wake of-Brexit, according to a survey by the Haulage Exchange.

The survey found that 81% of operators had already faced longer waiting times at the border, with 69% spending more time on paperwork. Many companies have explored alternative routes into the EU, but half of the firms surveyed said they had experienced longer journey times on these routes.

Some 56% of hauliers say business has been affected by fewer exports going to the EU, while half say their operations have been impacted by fewer imports coming in. Despite this, demand has not only proved robust, but has increased dramatically.

Some 69% of hauliers said Brexit has caused them to lose business, while 19% are no longer working with EU companies.

Almost a third of respondents to the said they would avoid working with food & drinks industry clients due to border and Brexit issues.

An increase in stress, anxiety and other mental health issues were highlighted by 50% of respondents, with 13% saying that staff were working longer hours.

Full findings from the ‘2021 Post-Brexit Hauliers Survey’: