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Help us face toughest times, Irish industry asks government

[ September 22, 2021   //   ]

Ireland’s logistics industry is facing its most challenging period and needs effective support from government in the upcoming 2021 Budget, warns FTA Ireland (FTAI).

General manager Aidan Flynn said that with the COVID-19 pandemic, the driver shortage, climate change and the UK’s departure from the EU, there has never before been such pressure placed on supply chains and logistics in Ireland. He called for the Budget must support industry during this challenging period.

He added that while the appointment in 2020 of a dedicated Minister of State with special responsibility for transport and logistics was an important step forward, FTAI is calling for this role to be elevated to a full Cabinet position. This will be essential to support industry effectively, as well as to provide recognition of how important logistics is to the country’s continued economic sustainability and success.

“As an island nation on the periphery of Europe, if Ireland is to grow its global standing and become world leaders in logistics, more emphasis and support must be forthcoming from our government,” Aiden Flynn declared.

In its pre-Budget submission, FTAI also called for government to improve driver facilities at ports, utilise Brexit Adjustment Reserve funds to subsidise the higher post-Brexit costs to hauliers of using direct ferry links with European ports, and allocate funding for hauliers to access training courses, on key operational areas such as customs and international distribution to third countries and movement of agri-foods.

He also called for urgent action to alleviate the driver shortage crisis, through measures including subsidised training for those wanting to join the occupation. FTAI also wants the government to incentivise the take up of more environmentally friendly vehicles and ensuring effective refuelling infrastructure is in place across the country.”