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Hero of the pandemic

[ December 8, 2020   //   ]

PD Ports has become a UK Business Hero for its role in keeping the country’s trade flowing during Covid-19 and for supporting local communities throughout this challenging time.

Nominated by the North East England Chamber of Commerce, the major ports group has continued to operate as normal throughout the coronavirus outbreak. It has also gone an extra mile in offering support for the most vulnerable in society, donating in excess of £9,000 during the first phase of lockdown towards the provision of iPads for critically ill patients in hospital, and in donations to local food banks.

PD Ports chief executive Frans Calje, said: “As the pandemic took hold, we felt it was our duty as one of the largest businesses in the region to support people in the local area who were struggling in some way. We have a culture here in PD Ports which is based on inclusivity and support, regardless of your role, and these qualities drive our motivation to do more for our communities. Our people have also continued to work extremely hard throughout this year, and the challenges that have come with it, to keep operations running as normal to ensure that vital supply chains keep moving. This recognition is truly a testament to them.”