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Heysham heads for zero carbon

[ August 31, 2022   //   ]

Peel Ports Heysham has reduced the carbon emissions of its landside plant, equipment and vehicles by up to 90%, in what it says could be a first for any UK port.

All vehicles, plant equipment, forklift trucks, tug masters and ancillary equipment are now operating on either electricity or Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

Managing director, port services at Peel Ports Group, Lewis McIntyre, said: “We are transitioning our entire vehicle fleet and landside equipment to run on either electric or HVO in our drive to become net zero across the group by 2040.

“While HVO as a transition fuel offers a significant improvement, we are working with manufacturers and suppliers to explore longer-term solutions for the next generation of landside equipment.

“Heysham requires less machinery and equipment in its operations compared to some of our larger ports; this means we’ve been able to reduce emissions much faster as part our conversion plans. 

“We are confident that once we convert the rest of the equipment and transition from gas in our onsite office, Heysham will become one of the first UK ports to become 100% carbon neutral.”