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Hi tech kit keeps tabs on military material

[ May 20, 2015   //   ]

Track24 Defence has developed a cost effective, encrypted consignment tracking solution to help prevent military equipment from going missing during transit, in collaboration with Swedish military ICT specialist MilDef Systems.
The Shadow hardware component of the solution – accessed through the Cloud or private servers – sends regular updates on the cargo’s position as well as telemetry on speed, temperature, humidity, and light levels. Internal accelerometers switch on when movement is detected, and operators can perform selected ‘health checks’ on the cargo or set up geofences to warn if it veers off course unexpectedly. The Shadow’s firmware can also be upgraded to adapt its use while in the field. An extendible antennae aids covert, internal installation.
It uses Iridium satellite short burst data service, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and, from September, GPRS/GSM.
Track24 Defence sector director and ex-MoD and NATO communications specialist, Giles Peeters, comments: “The Shadow’s high capability, low price point, and security, makes it a cost effective proposition for militaries wanting to assign intelligent M2M command and control capability to assets in transit.”
High valued items go missing or get stolen during complex military operations, often in difficult locations, and well out of the reach of mobile phone and radio networks. Militaries currently often “write off huge sums in lost kit,” he says.