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IAG Cargo puts electric truck through its paces

[ September 6, 2022   //   ]

IAG Cargo has started trials of the first electric terminal tractor at London Heathrow airport. The , Terberg YT203EV is the first electric vehicle from the manufacturer operating airside worldwide.

It will save about 30 tonnes of CO2 per year compared with diesel-powered equivalentys.

In addition to its electric solution, Terberg is also exploring the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and is currently testing a unit in off-airfield.

IAG Cargo will operate the electric Terberg YT203EV for 12 months, with the ambition to transition its current diesel fleet to more sustainable alternatives, including electric. The trial will help IAG Cargo and its partners understand the challenges the business may face when adopting an electric airside fleet, how future electric vehicles could be charged and what additional infrastructure will be needed to support a fleet of electric terminal tractors.