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IAG offers enhanced tracking

[ October 10, 2019   //   ]

IAG Cargo has signed a partnership to offer customers a new tracking service using Cargo Signal’s sensor-based logistics platform.

The service provides offers end-to-end monitoring and notification using cellular networks to communicate with tracking devices on cargo which transmit real time data when in cellular range on location, light levels and temperature and humidity readings.

Three service levels, Visibility, Quality and Security & Quality, are available. All service levels include the use of a sensor-based tracking device, and visibility of the shipment through web and mobile applications. Quality also offers live light and temperature data, 24/7 enhanced condition monitoring and notification from the Cargo Signal Command Centre, while Security & Quality adds data summaries post-shipment.

The Cargo Signal service and 24/7 support and monitoring from the Cargo Signal Command Centre is available to all customers using IAG Cargo’s Critical, Prioritise, Constant Climate, Secure, Perform and Constant Fresh products, subject to pre-program start-up arrangements, with GPS devices delivered directly to origin.