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IAG returns to Sydney

[ March 25, 2022   //   ]

IAG Cargo will restart its London Heathrow to Sydney route on 27 March for the first time since early 2020, as Australia re-opens its borders to vaccinated passengers from all over the world.

The route will be operated daily by a B787-9 (789) widebody aircraft with cargo capacity of up to 13tonnes or ten compatible pallets.

The service will travel via Singapore. 

Booking opened on 15 March. Popular items typically exported from the region include vegetables and fresh fruits such as melons and mangos. The route also facilitates the transportation of electronics, luxury goods and cosmetics into the region.

The UK and Australian government signed a new UK-Australian trade deal in December 2021. It removes tariffs on UK exports and is designed to unlock billions of pounds worth of additional trade.