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IATA sees shortage of airfreight space

[ April 28, 2020   //   ]

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said that March cargo data demonstrated “a severe capacity shortfall”. Global demand, measured in cargo tonne kilometers, fell by 15.2% in March compared to the previous year or by 15.8% in international markets). Global capacity, measured in available cargo tonne kilometers (ACTKs), shrank by 22.7% in March compared to the previous year (-24.6% for international markets).

Belly capacity for international air cargo shrank by 43.7% in March compared to the previous year. This was partially offset by a 6.2% increase in capacity through expanded use of freighter aircraft, including the use of idle passenger aircraft for all-cargo operations.

IATA director general and chief executive, Alexandre de Juniac, said: “At present, we don’t have enough capacity to meet the remaining demand for air cargoThe gap must be addressed quickly because vital supplies must get to where they are needed most. For example, there is a doubling of demand for pharmaceutical shipments that are critical to this crisis. With most of the passenger fleet sitting idle, airlines are doing their best to meet demand by adding freighter services, including adapting passenger aircraft to all-cargo activity. But mounting these special operations continues to face bureaucratic hurdles. Governments must cut the red tape needed to approve special flights and ensure safe and efficient facilitation of crew.”

He said that there are still too many examples of delays in getting charter permits issued, a lack of exemptions on COVID-19 testing for air cargo crew, and inadequate ground infrastructure.