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Immtex Blue Make it to Paris

[ September 5, 2013   //   ]

Cyclists working for three Immingham based freight companies, NTEX, Ocean Blue Logistics and Immingham Transport have just completed a week long charity ride to Paris.

The team Immtex Blue, consisting of Steve Havercroft, Stewart Daziel, Geoff Seddon, Neil Russell, Danny Morrison and Andy Daziel made it to Paris on Septembter 5th.

The idea behind Immtex Blue to Paris was formed by Stewart and over a few drinks, they decided to go ahead with the idea. They decided that instead of putting themselves through this without any cause, they would make a fundraiser out of it and raise money for a charity. Upon deciding to do this as a charity event, the obvious question was which charity should we help. Given the fact that might need it, the charity they chose was the Lincolnshire And Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust.

The charity provides a helicopter medical emergency service covering 3,000 square miles. Flying at 154mph, the average journey time from an incident to the nearest hospital is 8 minutes. Fundraising is a lifeline for this charity, to operate the life saving service, your help is required to raise £1.7 million p.a.

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