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Impatex changes its spots

[ February 9, 2012   //   ]

Impatex Computer Systems is changing its name to Impatex Freight Software to reflect the fact that it has not supplied computer hardware for over ten years. It says the new name better reflects its mainstream activities of developing, supplying and supporting Customs and freight forwarding software.

Impatex currently provides two products: ICE (Integrated Customs for Europe) is a heavyweight Customs processing solution aimed at major ‘corporate’ forwarders handling large volumes of Customs clearances. ICE is progressively replacing the market-leading Customs Manager system which handles over 50% of all frontier entries in the UK, and large volumes of inland clearances..

NetFreight meanwhile is Impatex’s browser-based combined forwarding, Customs, warehousing and CRM system, which caters for small- and mid-size users. NetFreight is now in use with almost 100 forwarders in the UK and US.