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Insect boom for Tilbury

[ March 30, 2021   //   ]

A wildlife area created in 2014 when the Port of Tilbury developed the London Distribution Park, has seen a rise in insect and invertebrate species according to a new study.

The habitat site was created seven years ago by spreading chalk slurry over an area equivalent to six football pitches over a former landfill, and then placing ‘dunes’ made from waste fly ash and chalk bunds on the top.

Some of the interesting creatures found be  the foremost invertebrate surveyors in Britain and ecology experts Bioscan, included he Pantaloon Bee (Dasypoda hirtipes) and the Bombardier Beetle Brachinus crepitans, which carries a secret weapon: its rear end acts a chemical reactor and creates explosions to defend itself and ward off predators. (A fair description of most of us the Morning After and one chicken vindaloo too many.)

I wonder if anyone has told the Health & Safety people?