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Ipswich forwarder leaps into action for Ukraine

[ March 9, 2022   //   ]

Suffolk forwarder Anchor Freight has sprung into action to help victims of the Ukraine crisis, dedicating part of its Ipswich warehouse to act as a hub for donations, to be sent to the Polish-Ukrainian border. 

The company has appealed for essential items and is calling on international hauliers to support them in delivering aid to the country. More than 500 bags of clothing, almost 100 bags of toiletries and a further 100 boxes of blankets and more have been sent so far.

Deep sea and customs assistant manager, Hannah Keegan, said: “The situation in Ukraine is absolutely devastating, things like this shouldn’t happen anywhere in the world. We all want to do our bit and offer support in any way we can. So, we’re asking for donations of essential items such as sleeping bags, first aid kits, toiletries and more, to support those displaced by the conflict.”

Chief executive, Carl Day, added: “Thank you to everyone who has donated to our appeal, we’ve been blown away by the support. It’s at times like these where the good and kindness of people must prevail. We stand with Ukraine and hope every donation will provide much needed support at this difficult time.”

Anchor Freight is also being supported by construction firm, SEH French, and Jackson Civil Engineering.

The two companies, who share an office with Anchor Freight, have helped load up lorries and made donations themselves. 

Anchor Freight is continuing to appeal for donations of Power Banks, Sleeping Pads, Sleeping Bags, Torches, First Aid Kits, Nappies, Female Sanitary Products, Toiletries and Camping Equipment

Donations can be dropped off at Anchor Freight Ltd, 30A Whitehouse Road, Ipswich IP1 5LT, between 6pm and 8pm on Thursday 10 March.