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Island port goes online

[ January 21, 2020   //   ]

Longoni port on the island of Mayotte between East Africa and Madagscar has introduced France-based MGI’s Ci5 cargo community system.

Following onsite training January, the was a smooth transition from the old AP+ system to Ci5, with MGI bringing over a team to Mayotte to initially train over 20 staff in November and December, after which the port community computerisation company of Mayotte (ICM+ – société d’informatisation communautaire de Mayotte) took over to provide support for another two weeks. MGI said that with Ci5, users now have access to much more user-centric functions, including personalised display preferences, predictive or intuitive text, simplified data searches, and a quick search engine for advanced searches, along with modules that are more suited to their needs covering import and export goods processing

ICM+ and MGI began working together in 2011 with the arrival of ADSL broadband in Mayotte.