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Ital Transport helps aid get to Ukraine

[ March 31, 2022   //   ]

Many local communities are rallying around to donate aid to Ukrainian refugees. While international transport seems to be organised fairly well through official charities, how are the donations getting to the correct distribution hubs in the UK?

During March, Simon Morley, a director of Ital Transport – a sister company to Manchester based groupage operator Ital Logistics – contacted Chorley and District Support for the Ukraine, a community group that has been receiving aid donations of aid from Lancashire residents and consolidating them onto pallets.

He said: “It became apparent they needed help domestically, in getting their pallets from their makeshift warehouse in Chorley to the International Aid Trust warehouse in Lockstock Hall.

“Ital Transport UK was able to provide a 26t tail lift truck for the day to collect this vital aid, completing the final link in the supply chain to get the goods away to where they are needed.”