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It’s Pandair – direct from China to Edinburgh

[ December 5, 2011   //   ]

Not many passengers get to fly direct from China to Edinburgh airport but Sweetie and Sunshine managed the feat on board their own chartered plane, courtesy of FedEx. Sweetie (aka Tian Tian, an eight year-old female panda, and eight-year old male Sunshine (aka Yang Guang) arrived on board the specially panda-decalled FedEx Express Boeing 777F. They are also the first giant pandas to take up residence in the UK for 17 years, the country’s last giant panda, Ming Ming, having left London Zoo to return to China in October 1994.

On board the Boeing 777F aircraft the pair will travel in two custom-built transport containers provided by FedEx Express. Local agent Extrordiair will handle clearance formalities.

Tian Tian and Yang Guang will take up residence in Edinburgh Zoo’s specially-built giant panda enclosure. They are part of global giant panda conservation programs, designed to increase the population – so perhaps FedEx will one day have more pandas to fly out of Edinburgh.