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Kallas OKs cross-border gigaliners

[ March 19, 2012   //   ]

Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas described as “ridiculous” suggestions that adjacent member states that both allow longer trucks – ‘European Modular System combinations’ or gigaliners – on their respective territories are not allowed to operate them between their two countries. He said he had received an opinion from the European Commission’s legal service which suggested that the Commission would not hany authority to ban such cross-border movements in any case. An announcement was due be made at the Transport Council on 22 March that the Commission will in future interpret Directive 96/53/EC laying down the maximum authorised dimensions and weights as authorising such cross-border operation.

In a letter to European forwarder’s association, Clecat, Kallas however seemed to explicitly refute that suggestion and that only the European Court of Justice could arrive at a legally binding ruling on the issue. Brussels soruces suggest that some MEPs may try to insist on a legislative amendment.


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