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Kent Council chief celebrates Dover congestion-busting fund

[ January 19, 2023   //   ]

Kent County Council leader Roger Gough has welcomed the success of its £45m bid to the government’s Levelling Up Fund to improve traffic flow through the Port of Dover.

He said that the enhancements, which will include additional border control points and a new exit route, will have a positive impact on Dover and Kent as a whole.

Speaking on a day when industrial action in France has affected cross channel services, Gough said: “The success of the Dover Access Improvements bid is excellent news for Dover itself, for east Kent and for the county and a real attempt to deal with the disruption and difficulties that we all know well when problems arise at the border.

“It is very much concerned with issues in and around the Port of Dover to try to improve the fluidity of traffic with security checks more logically arranged, a buffer zone so you can get a lot more queuing traffic off the roads, a doubling of the border control posts and a new exit route.”

Port of Dover chief executive, Doug Bannister, CEO, added: “This will be a transformational project, delivering the next evolution of Britain’s busiest ferry terminal with a reconfigured layout and enhanced border control points to help secure traffic flow and capacity for the long term.”