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Kukla adds French connection

[ March 30, 2022   //   ]


Kukla Beverage Logistics has opened a new Kukla France office in Calais.

It is headed by managing director, Tom Lokere (pictured), who brings a 26-year history of
working in the sector and sees the new office as an important bridge between
the UK and mainland Europe.

He said: “The UK is a major market for European beer, wine and spirits shipments.
Our office is perfectly situated within Calais’ impressive rail, warehouse,
ferry and transport infrastructure – ideal in supporting the development of
bespoke solutions for our customers. Having our own set up in Calais will
enhance our connectivity, adding value and managing risk.”

Established in 2017, Kukla Beverage Logistics is headquartered in Mountnessing, Essex and
has a customs division head office in Folkestone, near Dover.