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Letter to the Editor: Is it time to standardise commercial invoices?

[ February 4, 2021   //   ]

I would like to suggest to all UK shippers to look at using a standard template for their commercial invoices.

I don’t think this docuement exists at the moment but if all the exporters completed this standardised item it would be a lot quicker for carriers to check that they have all the information necessary on the document and indeed easier for the UK exporters to fill in all the mandatory blank boxes With EORI numbers, tariff numbers etc.

A lot of time is wasted asking for amendments or further information on commercial invoices.

This would prompt UK exporters to confirm the details correctly and quicker for carriers to check.

Anybody out there agree ?

Dave Brown

General Manager (Leeds). Simpex-Express

Tel: 01133 970 461 | Mob: 07901001551