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LGV operators need international licence from 21 May

[ May 13, 2022   //   ]

Courier company Speedy Freight has produced a guide to coming changes to international freight licenses, which come into effect on 21 May.

UK freight drivers operating Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs) will require an international operating licence to operate in Europe, as a result of continuing post-Brexit regulation changes.

It will be required by all UK freight businesses operating LGVs, including vans and cars with trailers over 2.5 tones to transport goods in Europe.

Currently, drivers need a HGV qualification and an operating (O) license in order to transport goods within the UK. While previously the O license also covered transporting goods in Europe, from 21 May UK hauliers must now have an ‘international goods vehicle operator license, as well as an O license to operate in Europe.

Speedy network service manager Shona Brown said: “The new license is a major change for UK freight businesses operating in Europe.

“The good news is, if you already have an operator’s license, you can apply for the international operator’s license and add it on to your existing license. While it may take some time to be approved, if you apply now you should be able to continue operating from 21 May.

“In order to apply for an international operator’s license, you must have an approved O license. This means if you don’t already have an O license you must apply for one now.

“You can apply for a £68 interim license via the HMRC website now, however this is only a temporary and you will still need to an apply for an O license once this expires.

“As part of your application, you will also need to have a qualified transport manager on your team and provide bank statements proving you have the finances to run your business.”

She urges businesses to act quickly to secure your licenses and avoid delays.

Currently there is a £254 fee to apply for a national operating license, plus a further £254 in order to make a change to an existing license, including applying for an international operating license.

Businesses are also required to pay a £449 licensing fee, which must be renewed every five years.