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Logistics and Brexit – 60% say ‘stay’

[ March 9, 2016   //   ]

An informal poll by the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) shows that 60% of the UK’s leading logistics professionals are in favour of Britain remaining in the EU.
The survey was carried out at a networking luncheon for the logistics industry at the House of Lords and organised by UKWA, attended by 110 senior personnel from UKWA member companies along with key suppliers to the logistics industry, supply chain directors from the retail and manufacturing sectors and several politicians.
During the course of the lunch guests listened to the views of politicians from both sides of the ‘Brexit’ debate.
The former chairman of Northern Foods, Conservative Peer Lord Haskins, laid out the case for the ‘in’ camp, while UKIP MEP, Jill Seymour, responded for the ‘outs’.
Lord Haskins stressed the importance of continuing cross-border collaboration on energy consumption and other climate change issues, adding that much of British industry relies on migrant labour
UKIP MEP Jill Seymour responded robustly, saying that the EU is responsible for the higher energy costs that British businesses now face and the logistics sector has to contend with a raft of new legislation – including the Union Customs Code – that adds a costly and unwelcome administrative burden to many supply chains.
She told her audience not to be swayed by scare stories regarding likely trading difficulties should the ‘Brexit’ become a reality. “Trade is undertaken by business people, not politicians,” she said.
Having heard both sides of the argument, Peter Ward, CEO of UKWA, asked the executives present for a show of hands. About 60% were for Britain remaining part of the EU with the remainder split fairly evenly between the ‘outs’ and the ‘unsures’.

The next printed issue of Freight Business Journal will include a special ‘Brexit’ editorial with views from several major players in the industry – both for and against.