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Logistics firms test the waters with wine shipment

[ July 7, 2017   //   ]

Drinks logistics specialist JF Hillebrand and Groupe InterRail have moved a test shipment of French wine by rail from Duisburg in Germany) to Yiwu (China), a distance of 11 400km, crossing six countries.

Data from the trial, unveiled the Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017 show, confirmed how exposed containers shipped by rail compared to sea freight. Temperatures varied from -2°C to 58°C.

The container however had been fitted with JF Hillebrand’s VinLiner protective liner foil which significantly reduced fluctuations in the container. G-forces data loggers also revealed uneven tracks, particularly in Kazakhstan and China but there was no damage to the bottles or packaging.

Results of research into the chemical composition have not yet been received. JF Hillebrand and InterRail have scheduled another test this month to move spirits. However, the partners have already concluded that shipping with dry containers is not an option, AXbeer and wine will need to be shipped with reefer containers or insulated with VinLiner.

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