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Logistics still in the dark about migrant workers says FTA

[ March 29, 2018   //   ]

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC)’s interim report on the status of workers from the European Economic Area published on 27 March fails to answer logistics businesses’ questions, complains the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

FTA had previously called for the early release of the report, originally planned for September 2018, since this would be too late for employers concerned about their employee strategy after Brexit.

FTA’s head of skills, says Sally Gilson, said that MAC had yet to provide the clarification which our members require on the future status of European.

She added: “Of particular concern are those lower skilled EU workers, who under current migration systems would not be considered eligible for special terms under the skills shortage occupation list.  These workers provide vital manpower in an industry which is often highly labour intensive, and their contribution to Britain’s trading relationships cannot be ignored.”

While it was encouraging that the final report will investigate whether the skills shortage occupation list methodology needs to be revised, it would come too late for logistics businesses which need certainty on workforce levels

Logistics is currently experiencing a driver shortage, with 52,000 vacancies already registered and more likely to occur as European workers leave to return home as Britain’s departure from the European Union approaches.


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