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Logistics UK takes supply chain concerns to the top

[ March 22, 2022   //   ]

Logistics UK’s policy manager for Northern Ireland, Seamus Leheny, discussed the impact of Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol when he met US President Joe Biden, at the White House St Patrick’s Day reception.

Part of a week-long visit to the US capital, the meeting gave Mr Leheny the opportunity to outline Logistics UK’s work to support the country’s supply chain and pinpoint areas of concern.

Mr Leheny comments: “It was a huge honour to be invited to the White House to represent the work of Logistics UK, and to have the chance to outline the extensive work Logistics UK has been doing over Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol with President Biden. I also thanked the President and his administration for their work with the EU and UK in reaching an agreed solution to the NI Protocol that will protect NI trade. 

“He was keen to discuss the need for solutions that work for Northern Ireland and its economy and encouraged our members to maintain their focus on protecting the supply chain.”

While in Washington, Mr Leheny also participated in several senior meetings alongside members of the US State Department and Department of Commerce, the US Consul General to NI and the American Trucking Association (ATA).

Mr Leheny continues: “It was great to be invited to America to participate and represent the interests of our members. The President was very warm and understood the issues we are facing, and we look forward to working with our American counterparts to build trading opportunities in the future.”