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Logistics writer turns to fiction

[ March 15, 2016   //   ]

A parcels carrier confronts a cash flow crisis; a regional logistics group strives to extend its national coverage; a haulage company boss gets caught up in people smuggling.

No, not the latest FBJ headlines but the plot of a novel by logistics scribe turned fiction writer, Peter Rowlands.

The leading character of Alternative Outcome, Mike, is also a logistics journalist who, “in a bid to break away from the daily grind, has self-published his first novel online, unaware that this will trigger a sequence of events in which fact and fiction start to become intertwined.”

Anyone with even a knowledge of the logistics world and its press will recognise much of the backdrop to this book. The action ranges through trade shows at home and abroad, transport company interviews and press events.

The main character struggles to turn out articles, at the same time chasing down a mystery that has long puzzled him. And the further he probes, the worse the repercussions he brings on himself.

“Alternative Outcome is not just about logistics,” Peter emphasises. “It’s a mystery drama with a romantic thread, and has elements of a thriller too. I’ve aimed to make it a compelling read for anybody, whether they know anything about logistics or not.

“But there’s a strong business background,” he adds, “and the story also raises a few intriguing moral issues.”

Alternative Outcome is available now as an e-book on Amazon Kindle, and will later be released in other formats. Sample chapters, further information and a link to Peter’s Amazon Kindle page can be found on his web site,